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Focus on your mission, not support

Our speciality increases your competitive advantage which improves your actions across the value chain. As you focus solely on the core business functions you eventually improve your customer satisfaction and increases profit.
Save money, resources, and valuable production time as you focus on your specialty while taking advantage of our specialty, which is streamlining core business processes for you.

Clear reporting and real-time insights

Driven by excellence thanks to strong incentives to deliver quality with operational insights that you can leverage.


70% of online purchases are made in the evening and week-end. Improve your customer satisfaction and conversion by offering 24/7 support.

100% human, powered by our technology

More than 50% of customers switch to a competitor after a negative experience. This is why 100% of our answers are made by humans.

Our Services

Call Center Outsourcing

Provide a shared or dedicated agent to handle the inquiries, questions and problems through an accurate data collection mechanism.

Customer Experience Enhancement

Give you invaluable insight into how your customers feel about your product/service and shows you the most profitable areas for improvement.

Back Office Support

We’ve enhanced our back office solutions with automation to help our brand partners reduce costs and increase scalability.

Contact Center Training

Provide training for call center agents and front desk employees in different sectors.


Grow Your Business Fast.

Our clients benefit from our high standards of hiring, rigorous training, and extensive lead gen knowledge base. We groom meticulous, detail-obsessed researchers, sales development reps, and sales operations specialists to improve your sales results with a touch of the BONGA platform.

Flexible and scalable support.

Whatever creates the demand for scaling customer service, you will need a way to know if your approach is working. That starts with knowing what a great customer service experience should look like and that is our speciality.


What our customer
say about us

" Prior to Dial Afrika were using handsets to make and receive calls. We were unable to monitor agent productivity or quantify work load. With Dial Afrika we are now able to understand how our agents work, make their work easier with robust tools and features. Agent productivity is up, our customer satisfaction is has grown immensely."

Mr. Mark
Founder and CEO at Baron & Cabort

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